Welcome to the Special Interest Group for Girls in STEM
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Grace Faoro @missfaoroKelcie Cain @cainsclassroomKelly Fulks @kfulksAngelique Heggem @meanangelique
Our goal is to answer the question: "How can we inform and empower young girls to engage in STEM opportunities?"Abstract:Through our research, we have discovered women are severely underrepresented in STEM careers. Informing and empowering young girls will be key to transforming the STEM job fields current climate to better represent a more diverse world. It is imperative, first and foremost, to build girls self esteem in science, technology, engineering and math. There is a divide in girls' perception of their performance in STEM. Even with the same achievement as their male counterparts, young girls believe their abilities to be poor. We can combat this mindset by improving STEM education for girls. Incorporating opportunities that allow girls to affect social good, enhance a sense of belonging, and spark passion will encourage young girls to sustain interest and ultimately pursue STEM careers. It is vital for teachers to set up young girls for success in an increasingly STEM oriented world. It is estimated 80% of future jobs will require extensive knowledge in science, technology, engineering and math. We believe young girls will transform the STEM field, and it begins with early empowerment and education.