Lesson Plans & Classroom Resources

Below you will find resources for each area of STEM as well as a general resources page. Please enjoy these great tools and resources!


-SciGirls Connect.png

SciGirls Connect is an outreach program based on a PBS Kids television show designed to encourage girls to become interested in earth and space, engineering, health, life and environment, physics and chemistry, and technology. In addition to the television show, there is an interactive website, lesson activities, and videos. The great thing about this website is that are many predesigned lessons I could see motivating girls to want to be involved in STEM-related activities.

Science Buddies.png

The purpose of Science Buddies is to engage and maintain girls' interest in STEM activities and careers. The website has a list of sites, books, and articles for parents and educators on ideas for how to incorporate science into every day life. Science Buddies has a database of 1200 girl friendly science projects. The most interesting part of the website is the Topic Selection Wizard tool, which asks the user several questions about interests and hobbies and then retrieves a selection of science topics that may be of interest.


Dash is an online tutorial to help you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and create websites from scratch. Dash gives user easy tutorials for free that are available through your internet browser. While it does not teach as many coding platforms as CodeAcademy, I was attracted to the fact that they feature girls frequently in the images on the site.
Learn to MakeAwesome Websites. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2015.

scratch jr.pngscratch.png
Scratch and Scratch Jr. are amazing applications that allow for students to begin to hone their coding skills. While Dash (above) allows for the creation of websites, Scratch and Scratch Jr. have the ability to create games, stories, and just about anything a young mind can imagine. Scratch Jr. is an iPad app geared towards young kids and Scratch is a web based program that takes coding beyond the capabilities of the app. These initiatives came out of MIT and their desire to promote coding in young students. Click each image above to be directedto the respective website.
www.scratchjr.org (n.d.) Retrieved July 11, 2015
scratch.mit.edu (n.d.) Retrieved July 11, 2015


Goldie Blox are construction sets made with girls in mind. Give girls a chance to build and create using LEGO-like blocks. Goldie Blox is looking to even the playing field for girl engineers by getting them interested in building earlier and building confidence. Goldie Blox are looking to change the stereotype that building block toys are for boys and give girls sets that break the mold!
Official GoldieBlox Store. (n.d.). Retrieved July 7, 2015.

stem engineering.png

This website has fourteen fun and engaging activities for kids. Thy are all geared around engineering and project based learning. Both teachers and parents alike will find these resources to be a great experience for their students and children respectively. Each activity highlighted requires basic materials that are easily acquired and carried out. The type of activity also range from the different types of materials to the different challenges each present.
Catherine, Mary. 2015 February 21. 14 Fun Engineering Activites for Kids. Retrieved from

Left Brain math through art.png

If you are looking for a unique way to incorporate math, this is a fantastic site. It focuses on engaging the artistic left side of the brain while working through tough math concepts. This way of thinking allows the processes of math to become visual and gives a more hands on approach. The activities can be done at home, in the classroom, or for some even in the community!
10 Ways to Learn math by Painting. (n.d.) Retrieved July 9, 2015

Water glases math.png

This activity allows students to tap into their musical and math skills. It is fun for everyone, no matter the musical ability. It incorporates fractions and challenges while also making a useful instrument that can be shown off! Fantastic for grades 3-5, but can be modified for a year or two younger or older.
Warrell, Beth. Experiement with Musical Water Glasses. (n.d.) Retrieved July 9, 2015


Picture books for STEM girls.png

Have you always wanted to find that perfect book to inspire young girls? This source has 8 amazing picture books that will bring to life great role models, wonderful questions, and most of all inspiration!
Naturally Educational. (n.d.) Retrieved July 9, 2015.

STEM through the school year.png

This site offers a compilation of STEM lessons that have been incorporated during all different times of the school year. Each of the 10 activities listed links to a detailed page to describe the activity and how you might be able to incorporate it into your classroom or your home. There are so many different applications you will have plenty of options to choose from that will allow you to cater it to your needs. The site's author, Jennifer Smith-Sloane, is also a wonderful resource for inspiration! You will not regret checking this out!
Smith-Sloane, Jennifer. STEM-ing Your Way Through the School Year. (n.d.) Retrieved July 9, 2015.